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I noticed that both your HPMC K200 and HEMC EM200 can be used in tile adhesive, what’s the difference on the earth? 

 2021-11-10 LANDU

HPMC K200 and MHEC EM200 have the same high viscosity, so they both can be used in adhesive. The main difference between them is the difference between HPMC and MHEC.

Compared with HPMC, the chemical structure of HEMC has more hydrophilic groups, thus it’s higher water retention performance at high temperatures, as well as good thermal stability. So, if the weather in your local in the following conditions, like the outdoor temperature, is higher than 30℃, humidity higher than 30%, and wind speed is higher than 30m/s,then Landercoll® MHEC is highly recommended.

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