Primary choice for stronger sag resistance and longer embedding time


Brief Introduction

EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) and ETICS (external thermal insulating component systems) are proprietary, multi-layered exterior wall systems that are increasingly popular with:

• Architects for flexibility: colors, textures, shapes, designs.

• Building/home owners for stunning appearance.

• Builders for cost-effectiveness.

• Everyone for superior energy efficiency – reducing air infiltration by up to 55 percent compared with brick or wood construction.

• EIFS reduce air infiltration, stabilize the interior environment, and reduce energy consumption.

High sag resistance,long embedding time and excellent working efficiencies on job sites.

• Landercoll® hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC K150) leads to high sag resistance and long embedding time, which are the required key properties of EIFS and ETICS.

• Landercoll® K150 allows better sag resistance means that mortar can be applied more efficiently to walls without sag.

• Better leveling and reduced stickiness of Landercoll® K150 can be applied easily to thick layers of EIFS and ETICS.

Improves abrasion resistance and strength

Accurate® VAE Re-dispersible Polymer Powder (4012N and 5011N) are used in EIFS and ETICS improve properties

• Improves workability

• Improves adhesive strength

• Improves flexural strength

• Improves abrasion resistance

• Excellent impact resistance

Recommendation grade

GradeViscosity (mPa.s)  Brookfield Rv, 2%Documents
Landercoll® HPMC K15055,000-65,000TDS/MSDS
GradePolymer BaseDocuments
Accurate ™ VAE RDP 4012NVAc-ETDS/MSDS
Accurate ™ VAE RDP 5011NVAc-ETDS/MSDS
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