What's the secret of LANDERCOLL cellulose ether used for Home Care product?

Release time:2020-09-28
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Home Care products include all types of liquid products such as floor cleaners, detergents and dishwashing agents. Viscous formulas or gel cleaners are particularly useful for cleaning vertical surfaces. Gel cleaners also tend to be chosen for applications where the agent will be left to work for an extended period of time. Landercoll™ delayed solubility grades, are ideals for thickening and adjusting the rheology of water based, liquid cleaners with a pH between 4 -11.


The desired look and consistency for cleaning agents can be achieved using Landercoll™ , can also be used as a thickener to adjust the rheology of liquid detergents, especially in products designed for delicate textiles.


Application Properties Landercoll™ delayed solubility grades have important characteristics which make them appropriate as thickeners in cleaner formulations:

• Easy incorporation in the formulation

• Solutions of good clarity

• Good compatibility with ionic surfactants

• Good storage stability


Thickening / Adjustment of Consistency

Landercoll™ can thicken and adjust the consistency of neutral cleaners, washing up liquids and liquid detergents.


With Landercoll™ one can thicken and adjust the consistency of neutral cleaners, washing up liquids and liquid detergents. The thickening effect of Landercoll™ grades are dependent on the degree of polymerisation (DP) or the molecular weight and the concentration used. When using the same concentration, the viscosity of the solution increases with an increased degree of polymerisation. Aqueous solutions of Landercoll™ grades are shear thinning liquids. The viscosity is decreased by an increase in shear stress, and returns to its initial viscosity when the shear stress is removed. High viscosity Landercoll™ grades have a stronger shear thinning effect than those of low viscosity, which is shown in the diagram below. The rheological profile varies depending on the Landercoll™ type used, e.g. Landercoll™ KS or MHS Home Care products.


Storage Stability

Landercoll™ displays optimum storage stability when water based cleaners are pH neutral. Generally, the lower a Landercoll™ grade’s viscosity, the better its storage stability. The more acidic or alkaline a cleaner is, the more the Landercoll™ viscosity will be reduced over an extended period of time (see diagram below). It is advisable to use a low to medium viscosity Landercoll™ grade for such products as this has significantly better storage stability.


Compatibility of Landercoll™ with Surfactants

Landercoll™ delayed solubility grades are particularly well suited for use in cleaners due to their good solubility properties. In addition, most surfactants give a higher thickening effect with Landercoll™ grades. When producing a cleaning agent formula, it is advisable to manufacture the Landercoll™ solution first and then add the other ingredients.