Environmental protection inspector and safety monitor are superimposed on both sides. How will the August day be made?

Release time:2017-08-15
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The fourth batch of central environmental protection inspectors.


On August 7, the central task force of the fifth environmental protection supervision group (CPC) convened in chengdu, China, to open the fourth batch of central environmental protection inspectors.Eight inspectorate according to the arrangement on August 7 solstice 15 in the inspector's presence, to jilin, zhejiang, shandong, hainan, sichuan, Tibet, qinghai, xinjiang (corps) to carry out the supervision work, the implementation of a complete coverage of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the inspectors.

The environmental protection inspector has been stationed for about one month.During the visit, the inspection teams will set up special duty calls and post boxes respectively to receive calls and reports from the provincial environmental protection authorities.

This round of environmental supervision will focus on the central government's high concern, the strong public response and the social impact of the outstanding environmental problems and their treatment;To focus on regional drainage and improvement of environmental quality;The key supervision of the people's people to reflect the situation of the standing of the environment;To supervise the environmental protection of local party committees and governments and their related departments;We will focus on promoting local implementation of the environmental protection party and government responsibilities, responsibilities, and serious accountability.

Supervisor content:

(I) organization and deployment.

Key inspection: the establishment of security production inspection leading bodies in various regions, implementation of the responsibility measures, formulation of implementation plans, the deployment of layers, the extensive mobilization of the situation.

(2) organize and carry out self-examination and self-reform.

Key inspection: first, the regional and relevant departments shall, in accordance with the work of the security council of the state council, conduct in-depth self-examination and self-reform in accordance with the inspection contents of the government level;

Second, all kinds of enterprises conscientiously carry out self-examination and self-reform, comprehensively check the safety risk points and hidden dangers, and carry out the risk prevention and control measures and countermeasures.

(3) strict security supervision and enforcement.

Key inspections: one is that all regions and relevant departments adhere to the combination of big inspection and strict law enforcement, crack down on all kinds of illegal and illegal activities in accordance with the law, and strictly implement the "five ones";

The second is to carry out accident investigation and treatment according to the regulations according to law, and seriously investigate the responsible units and relevant persons responsible for accidents during the major inspection;

The third is to implement the joint disciplinary mechanism and the "blacklist" management system.
(4) outstanding problems and rectification of major hidden dangers.

Key inspection: first, the security production inspection of the security council of the state council to find out the rectification and implementation of hidden problems;

The second is the implementation of the safety inspection, supervision and inspection conducted by the office of the security council of the state council and the state administration of safety supervision and administration this year.

Third, various regions and related enterprises to carry out self-examination to find out the hidden trouble of rectification.
(5) publicity of public opinion.

Key inspection: one is the situation of various media organizations in various regions to carry out extensive publicity;

Second, the public exposure of major security risks and illegal behaviors;

Third, the regional organizations carry out extensive inspection work exchanges and briefings, timely reporting the work information.